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Download WhatsApp Plus Red 2021 latest version: Download WhatsApp Red WhatsApp Red Arabic, the latest version against urban, Whatsapp red apk WhatsApp Red Plus Abu Arab 
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Download WhatsApp Plus Red 2021 latest version: Download WhatsApp Red 9.60 WhatsApp Red Arabic, the latest version against urban, Whatsapp red apk WhatsApp Red Plus Abu Arab 

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WhatsApp latest version Welcome to WhatsApp website Are you looking for red WhatsApp? Today, we have provided you on our website a copy of WhatsApp Plus Red 2021 for all users of WhatsApp Abu Arab Al Ahmar. Red WhatsApp Abu Arab is one of the versions of WhatsApp Abu Arab, which was modified and developed by the developer Abu Arab. The most beautiful new features and additions have been added to the WhatsApp Plus Red version apk 2021. A new update has been downloaded from the red WhatsApp, the new WhatsApp Plus, and the best WhatsApp against the ban.

Learn about the program and application of WhatsApp Ahmar WhatsApp Red is the best chat and chat application on the official and free WhatsApp platform, with the same features as the red WhatsApp. source 

What’s new in the red WhatsApp against the ban and hacker version v9.60? What are the features and additions of the red WhatsApp latest version?

The red WhatsApp, the latest version of v9.60, contains many wonderful and attractive features and additions, which we have mentioned to you, my dears, all of them as follows:

  1. Add an option to send a group message to groups
  2. Add the proxy feature to unblock WhatsApp calls
  3. Return the floating button feature inside the conversations
  4. Now you can delete the message for everyone even after 100 years
  5. Add the night mode for WhatsApp To activate Click on the icon next to close the internet on the main screen of WhatsApp
  6. Add a new themes server It contains more than 1000 themes and fix the problem of themes
  7. exclusively Separation of group / private
  8. conversations individually Add dragging the conversation row for faster access to additional options [Home
  9. screen > top bar
  10. Add a new fingerprint interface use
  11. Add a bottom bar for conversations at the bottom of the main screen [ Home Screen > Bar Top ]
  12. Add change and download the type of emoji from the style to reduce the size of the copy
  13. Add options for notifications such as changing the colors of who is online now and who changed the profile picture
  14. Add an option to see all deleted messages
  15. Run new animated stickers
  16. Add an option to use phone emojis
  17. Improve the arrangement of all add-on options and features and a great shape to suit users
  18. Improved reduce the copy size to 35 MB
  19. Improve the option of the tag @ To know the people who mentioned you in groups
  20. Improved performance and better speed
  21. Improved deletion of the floating button icon inside conversations
  22. Improved hiding the option for quick chats You can activate it from the additions and properties > Conversation screen
  23. Improved the appearance of the status upload button and the status view button
  24. Fixed the problem of downloading media such as images and videos in different versions Android 10
  25. Fix the appearance of the caller picture incorrectly in the case
  26. Fix the crash problem when changing the old 2016 platform
  27. Fix the disappearance of the status text when responding to the caller status
  28. Fix the toolbar color changes to white sometimes
  29. Fix the lack of themes appearing on the server
  30. Fix the appearance of a black bar when navigating
  31. Fix the crash problem when auto reply is turned on and scheduling when converting the language to English
  32. Lots of improvements and fixes


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