Samsung and Apple want to remove the battery charger

Samsung and Apple want to remove the battery charger

Samsung and Apple want to remove the battery charger: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused multiple companies to start accelerating various production processes that were planned for the medium or long term.

One of the industries that is rushing changes is that of mobile telephony and two of its largest exponents, Samsung and Apple, lead the way.

According to several leaks in recent days, both companies have decided to end the battery chargers in their next cell phone launches, of any range.

The Korean site ETNews announced that Samsung will align with those of Cupertino and from 2021 they will stop offering power adapters.

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The idea would be to reduce costs in production on the one hand, and also space in the boxes where the equipment comes, such as, for example, the following filtered photo showed that shows the case of the iPhone 12, where there is room only for the phone and a cable.


 Samsung and Apple want to remove the battery charger

Several industry officials said: “Samsung Electronics is discussing how to remove the charger from smartphone components with related companies,” according to the Korean outlet.

The same document notes that “chargers are not expensive components, such as semiconductors and displays. However, as the smartphone market has become saturated, manufacturers are interpreted to have cut the cost to ensure profitability and put the charger on target. ”

In the future, both companies would supply only the feeder cables, and the power adapters would have to be purchased additionally, also contributing to the global opening of their requirements.

The MacRumors outlet, on the other hand, maintains that in the case of Tim Cook’s company, “Apple will also save money on packaging and will probably highlight the environmental benefits of fewer accessories in the box.”

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